The Construction Superintendents Handbook

the construction superintendents handbook

A construction professional with more than 30 years of experience in the industry offers a practical guide designed for the construction manager which helps to simplify today’s complex projects while offering highly accessible and easily referenced technical data on the components of the construction. most common constructions. This manual begins with an analysis of the key factors that must be considered before the actual start of construction.

The full discussions of contracts and construction documents and the fundamental laws of construction are designed to avoid costly legal problems between the superintendent, the architect, the engineer, the client and the subcontractor. The coverage also includes the analysis of the plans and specifications, and knowledge about the responsibilities of all the participants of the construction process.

The bosses receive a clear guide on how to work policies and procedures, and how to ensure that the day to day project to be developed with the help of the deadlines at 30 days in advance. All advice and warnings about the traps to be avoided have been sprinkled liberally throughout the manual.

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