Raspberry Pi Robotics Projects

raspberry pi robotics projects

Description of the book

This book allows you to maximize the use of the Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi 3 by creating simple and complex robot projects. The book has a critical approach to show how to build amazing robots and you will be able to decide what type of board to use for each type of robot. The book the emphasis on the design of mobile devices (mobile) robots with Raspberry Pi Zero. It will teach you how to program Raspberry Pi, to control the movement of your robot and add the functions of the robots.

What you learn

  • Control of the different DC motors
  • Added a USB web camera to see that the robot can show
  • Fix the projector to the project information
  • Insert the USB control equipment to control a robot structure on two feet
  • Includes voice recognition for your projects can receive commands
  • Activate the wireless connection so you can see what the robot sees and control the robot at a distance

About the author

Richard Grimmett always inspired by the computers and electronics of his first programming project that was used Fortran in punch cards. He also has 26 years of experience in the radar and telecommunications industry and even one of the original brick phones. Currently, he teaches computer science and electrical engineering at brigham young-idaho University, where his office finds a lot of robotics projects.

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