Mathematics For Economics And Business 5th Edition

mathematics for economics and business 5th edition

Assuming little prior knowledge, this informal text is a great companion for those who have not studied mathematics in depth before. This book really promotes self-study, as students are encouraged to address problems as they progress and can see fully worked examples to help their understanding. Both beginners and more advanced students will find material relevant to their needs in this book.

From the back cover

“Clear and logical style for the patient who takes the student seriously” John Spencer, formerly of Queen’s University Belfast

This market leading text is highly appreciated by teachers and students alike and has been praised for its casual and friendly style that helps students understand and even enjoy their mathematics studies.

Assuming little prior knowledge of the subject, Mathematics for Economics and Businesses promotes self-study by encouraging students to read and understand topics that, at first, may seem discouraging.

This text is suitable for undergraduate students in economics, business and accounting who take introductory level math courses.

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