Lhomme Et Ses Signes French

lhomme et ses signes french

This book is the improved and updated review of the book Signs and Men, published in French in 1983. This is a long reflection that Adrian Frutiger matured throughout his professional life as the creator of characters. teacher and pedagogue. Through the three parts of this book, Adrian Frutiger takes the reader to the dissemination of the genesis of the relevant elementary traces and the evolution of signs in human life, throughout millennia and in all cultures of our planet, and this What we do today: understand and design a sign, the fixation of language by the sign, the evolution of the sign in a symbol, in a mark, in a signal.

To read little by little

  • More than 2000 sketches. A bibliography
  • Audience: communication professionals, professors, academics, students and all passionate about the graphics and typographic arts, including ethnology and sociology.

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