International Human Resource Management

international human resource management

The team of international authors has ensured that this edition is even more international than its predecessors, while remaining close to the curricular developments. The new edition changes include a simplified chapter structure and a new chapter on the cultural context of the IHRM. The focus on expatriates has been balanced with a strong emphasis on everything. The content also reflects the current economic climate including increased turbulence coverage for the IHRM and employee issues.

There is also an expanded coverage of business ethics, outsourcing, emerging markets and small and medium enterprises. In addition, the new edition includes a large amount of case study material and class discussion material.

A fully adapted website for CourseMate and Instructor will also be available for adopters. MARKET: Dowling et al a central textbook for the modules “International GRH” (IHRM) that is taught at intermediate and postgraduate levels in all GRH programs and most broad-based business programs. It is also used in some modules p “International management”,

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