Heat Transfer Thermal Management Of Electronics

heat transfer thermal management of electronics

In particular, thermal management has become essential for the design and manufacture of most electronic systems.

Heat transfer: thermal management of electronics detail how engineers can use an intelligent thermal design to avoid heat-related falls, increase the life expectancy of the system and reduce the noise emitted, the energy consumption, the cost and the time of commercialization. Proper thermal management can also create a significant market differentiation compared to similar systems. Since there are more design flexibility in the early stages of product design, it would be productive to consider the thermal design as soon as the concept and the feasibility phase.

The author first provides the basic knowledge necessary to understand and solve simple electronic cooling problems. Then go into more detail on the basics of heat transfer to give the reader a deeper understanding of the physics of heat transfer. Next, describe the experimental and numerical techniques and tools that are used in a typical thermal design process. The book concludes with a chapter on some advanced cooling methods.

With its comprehensive thermal design coverage, this book can help all engineers develop the necessary expertise in thermal management of electronics to move one step closer to being a multidisciplinary engineer.

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