Handbook Of Strategic Enrollment Management

handbook of strategic enrollment management

Published by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officials (AACRAO), the Strategic Enrollment Management Manual is the full text of the policies, strategies, and practices that shape post-secondary enrollment. This volume combines relevant theories and research, with applied chapters on office administration such as admissions, financial aid, and the registrar to provide a comprehensive guide on the complex world of Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM). SEM focuses on achieving the objectives of enrollment and maintaining institutional income and serving the needs of students. It provides information on the ways in which SEM is practiced in four-year institutions, community tertiary institutions, and professional schools.

More than just an improved approach to admissions and financial aid, SEM examines the entire educational cycle of the student. From entry to graduation, this volume helps SEM professionals and graduate students interested in managing enrollment to anticipate change and balance the objectives of income, access, diversity, and prestige. The strategic enrollment management manual

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