24 Hour Knitting Projects By Rita Weiss

24 hour knitting projects by rita weiss

Remove from knitting today; wear a new shirt, shawl or sweater tomorrow. These fashion-conscious projects will attract beginners eager to see results and looking for something quick and stylish to create. The instructions facilitate the work of each garment and accessory and give confident confidence to the weavers. But even those with more advanced skills realize that they simply can not resist the temptation to prepare each fantastic item, such as a cute fringed top around the neckline and a bow around the bottom. Other irresistible options include a blouse and a silver stole, vests, handbags, hats (one red for the Red Hat lady) and Afghanistan. Weavers from outside the US From United States. They will also appreciate the useful conversion table.

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The author of more than 50 needle art books, Rita Weiss has taught and lectured in the United States and Europe. The founder and director of the Dover fashion division, she is also executive vice president of the American Fashion School, chair of the Crochet Marketing Committee of the State Council of Crafts, and former president of the International Quilting Association.

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